Video Projects

Recently, I have started making some videos and placing them on YouTube. As the collection grows, it is my hope that there will be something there for everyone, especially since I am a tridiscipline coach, holding qualifications in coarse, game and sea fishing. At the moment, it is early days but hopefully there might be something here to catch your interest.
Ultralight fly fishing involves one and two weight fly fishing rods used for a variety of species. In this video, a two weight fly rod is used to tackle carp at Bake Lakes in Cornwall.
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Link to Video: Ultralight Fly Fishing for Perch Link to Video: The Pulley Rig Link to Video: T-Knot Flapper Rig Link to Video: Maggot Fly Versus Drop Shot Rig Link to Video: Ultralight Fly Fishing for Carp
A short trip to Hatchlands to try out a one weight fly rod and a simple to tie maggot fly.
A simple maggot fly against a worm-baited drop shot rig. Which will win?
26th February, 2022 at Hatchlands Trout Farm, Rattery near Dartington
How to tie a pulley rig. Includes revised grinner knot and pennel rig tied using a knotless knot.
The T-Knot - A stand-off loop which is used here to create an excellent scratching rig which makes use of the T-Knot and luminous tubing. It is good for use with beachcasters and fish baits - amongst lots of other things
Link to Video: Ultralight Fly Fishing - Muddy Water Tactics
Martyn went to Hatchlands Silver Lake on a day when the water was the colour of mud, using simple but effective tactics to scratch a few fish.
Video Link: Fly fishing for Trout at Hatchlands Trout Farm
A taste of fly fishing for trout at Hatchlands Trout Farm
Video Link: 10 pounds carp on 1 wt fly rod, includes tying the fly and revised grinner knot.
Target to catch a ten pounds carp on an ultralight fly rod. Video contains fly and secure, easy to tie knot.
Video on Plaice Fishing over the Skerries
Martyn sets sail on a short fishing trip aboard African Queen out of Dartmouth, fishing for plaice across the Skerries Banks.
Fly Fishing for Carp at Riverside Caravan and Camping Park South Molton
Martyn tests his luck on a short evening fishing trip, fly fishing for carp at Riverside Caravan and Camping Park, South Molton.
Testing out my new rod - a Century T700 Eliminator - and a new rig that I am working on - the cascade pulley.
Detailed instructions on how to tie two of the strongest and best knots available to anglers. (The 'revised' grinner is more commonly known as the reversed, three turn, tucked blood knot but, here in the South West, most people simply call it the revised grinner.)
Detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily tie the bimini twist, one of the strongest and best knots available to anglers. A simple, homemade tool works wonders!
Detailed instructions on how to put together the cascade pulley rig, a long distance rig that I have recently designed.
A short trip to Hatchlands Trout Farm, at the beginning of February, 2023, to try and catch a carp or two on a one weight fly rod and a simple to tie maggot fly.
Pole fishing in the sea is actually a lot of fun and a great way to introduce younger children to sea angling, catching a variety of species. Here Martyn tries the method at Brixham Harbour.
Getting afloat can be great fun at all times of the year. Here Martyn sets sail on the African Queen, out of Dartmouth, for a most enjoyable day after a few bigger fish.
Float-fishing for mackerel is great fun but you will catch a lot more if you know how to prepare the bait properly. Here Martyn shows a really efficient and economical way to do it.
Martyn and Michael try pole fishing with prawns at Brixham Harbour in an attempt to up the size of the fish that they have been having on the poles.
Martyn went to Menorca for a week's family holiday. Here he passes on some tips and details of the fishing that he managed to get in.
Light tackle comes into play when the chips are down with powerboat races and a mediocre tide.