Ultralight Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish

   One of my passions is light tackle fishing, aiming for the greatest possible sport with the lightest possible tackle. Whether it be sea fishing with light rock fishing tackle or fly fishing with ultralight one or two weight rods, this is a style of fishing that really ticks the box as far as I am concerned.
  One style of fishing that is particularly good fun is using such ultralight fly rods for coarse fish such as rudd, roach, perch and bream, not to mention the occasional carp. I have regularly caught large perch on these outfits and have also taken carp to nearly thirteen pounds in weight ( 12 lbs 9 ozs to be exact ). It is great fun! Probably a bit ambitious for a complete beginner but, if you have a bit of fly fishing experience under your belt and want to try something different, this could well be worth investigating.
Fly fishing at Hatchlands, Rattery, Devon
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Ultralight Fly fishing for Carp
Ultralight Fly fishing for Perch at Hatchlands, Rattery, Devon
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